CCP2.0 Career Event Employer Packages 2018-19

CCP2.0 Career Event Employer Packages 2018-19

Registration Terms.

Please use this form to register for CCP 2018-19 Career Event & Service Packages.

Policy, Refunds, Credits, and Changes. As a matter of policy, Employers consent to event facility rules and regulations, which may or may not be itemized herein.

This form is based on detailed information regarding CCP Career Fairs published at: Employers understand that purchase below constituted complete understanding of schedule, dates, times, place, and other event detail information published at the aforementioned website.

Employer Event Team Count. Employers may admit to their event table, members of their recruitment team whom they have registered.

Employer Subletting.
Employers may not offer or admit to their event table, members, agents, or representatives from any other organization other than their own due to event space constraints.

CCP Career Events are typically at-capacity before the event date. Early registration is recommended for any event.

CCP2.0 pricing is based on career services itemized within promotional event materials. Pricing may change without notice, in accordance with market demand. Pricing agreements are based solely upon the stated and printed pricing offered on this form.

CCP does not allow cash refunds for any reason. Upon inquiry and Employer request, CCP may, at its own discretion, allow for concessions, and/or credits depending upon unforeseen circumstances.

Event Networking & Setup. Setup is expected to occur within an hour preceding the career fair. Should you need additional time or not able to setup prior to the scheduled 10am start of the event, simply let us know in advance if possible.

Employer's Information Packets. Employers will receive an "Employer's Information Packet" prior to all events, outlining all details of the events, parking, meals, etc. This packet will be sent to you via email.

Event Rescheduling & changes.
CCP may have need and reason to change dates, venues, and career events. Should this be necessary, CCP will offer another event in substitution, with approximate dates and geographical region.

Thank you for being part of the CCP Career Fair Program!