karl emmerich

Posted on 11/26/17 7:36 AM by user

Fairchance is a Colorado Charity that is partnered with CCP and the U.S. Attorney's Office in Denver. At our Sept 2017 event at University of Colorado, impact speakers were part of the symposium that presented to 50 employers, government-sponsored subsidies and incentives for Colorado employers to hire at-risk populations including U.S. Veterans, justice-involved, and extended-term unemployed job applicants. Jessica Larsen was one of several impact speakers. With a justice-involved past, Jessica was hired by Dependable Cleaners and is currently a highly-successful manager for the Colorado company. Pictured in this article: Jessica Larsen (holding the Governor Hickenlooper-signed award) and Sara Weiss and Matt Kirsch (both from the U.S. Attorney's Office) For more information on Fairchance or to get involved, please call (303) 287-6064.
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