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Bob Grant, former District Attorney for Adams and Broomfield Counties, has filed a Nominating Petition and Application for the open position of Director of United Power from the South District.  The election for the position will be conducted by mail-in ballot and in person voting by United Power members at their Annual Meeting on April 17th.

Grant, now retired, stated that he has spent his professional life in service to the public and is now able to continue that service on the United Power Board.  

A 35 year consumer/member, Grant is interested in ensuring that the electric cooperative is run in a manner that guarantees the lowest possible rates to its residential and commercial consumers.

He is a proponent of renewable energy and wants to see that it is used in an economically viable way to supplement traditional power sources.

Grant stated “As a Director I will always be committed to safely providing reliable energy in the most effective and efficient manner consistent with positive environmental stewardship.”  Grant can be reached at 303-902-0586 or rsgrant@msn.com with questions regarding his candidacy.

Candidate Interview

Gateway News.  Brighton, Colorado.   February 8, 2013.   Bob Grant’s focus on ‘listening’ is a candid insight into the management ethos of the former Adams County District Attorney and into his bid for United Power Board Director.  “‘Management by Walking About’ was the way I directed the DA’s office and it’s the best way to make sure that United Power retains its focus on the needs of the public.   We need to continually ask, “what’s reliable?, what’s effective?, and what does the public want?’”

Bob Grant’s candidacy is definitively focused on keeping what’s working afloat at United Power, along with employing the related tenets of “responsible energy provision.”  Bob’s is a firm commitment to retaining a balance between lowest-possible cost access and the overall financial viability of the company while ever-retaining the public in the communicational channel.  Says Mr. Grant,  “Profit isn’t the motive here.  It’s more that the interests of United Power as a company and its members remain the same...”

Bob Grant intends to ensure United Power’s interests are also aligned on a provision of “high quality service,” a goal that he further defines as “safety, quality, and economy.”  According to Bob, an “effective workplace” is a “productive workplace” and must be achieved through respectful treatment of staffed employees.  “Employee contentment, commitment, and productivity” undoubtedly remain the right prescription for this United Power Board candidate.

We expect that Bob Grant’s position as United Power Director will effectively merge both his managerial insight and consumer interests.

 Remaining “energized” is something Mr. Grant regards as key for not only his own contributions as United Power Director but for every United Power consumer-member:   “The general public must always feel like they are listened to and that they are encouraged to remain involved [with United Power].”

Regarding his stance on alternative energies, Bob Grant further prescribes a “responsible transition” from fossil technologies.  By the year, 2020, Bob would like to see United Power far exceed the government’s mandate of its

energy portfolio being comprised of at least 5% renewable energies.  Bob envisions instead, an ambitious 10% - 20% renewable energies level for United Power.

As former District Attorney, Bob Grant’s demonstrated skills in retaining public accountability may be one final performance benchmark for the United Power Board upon which he will serve.  And in the current environment of rapidly evolving energy technologies this may be the single most valuable tenet toward ensuring that United Power and its consumer membership interests remain aligned.

1.  Do you agree or disagree with the current United Power Board of Directors and how do you plan to continue with or change the direction in which the Board of Directors is headed?

I tend to agree with most of the decisions the Board has made lately, particularly in biting the bullet on cost increases.  I would continue in much the same direction, but would put more emphasis on the long term vision for the future.  Population and commercial interests in the service area are growing at a fast clip and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.  We need to be ahead of the curve in planning to supply the areas electrical needs to meet this growth.  This gives us great potential to expand the use of affordable renewable energy resources.  

United Power needs to be a leader in fostering the cost effective development of wind, solar, hydro and geothermal energy to supplement available fossil fuel resources.

 Such a tack will not be easy, but we owe it to our children and grandchildren to make the effort!

2.  All candidates have impressive experience, education, and community service records.  Please name the top three qualifications that you possess that make you the top candidate for the position of Director.

First, I spent two decades running a public law firm that grew to 150 people and a multi-million dollar budget.  I know how to manage a budget in a cost effective manner; I returned money to the county treasury every year while I was in charge!

I know how to motivate people and get the most out of employees for the benefit of the public; I did it for 20 years as DA and Assistant DA.

Second, I was trained as a critical thinker and problem solver and have spent the last 30+ years honing those skills in a high stress and publicly accountable position.  I was elected and re-elected three times; must have been doing something right!

Third, I have been active in this community and a United Power consumer/member for over 35 years.  I know the needs and desires of the people in our service area and have been committed to public service here for over three decades. Now, in retirement, I have both the time and the desire to continue to do so as a Director on the United Power Board.

Candidate Q&A