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  • The Gateway News is a nine-year-old inter-community newspaper in Adams County.  With an 'advocacy' focus, the Gateway News holds a strong and dedicated readership.  We represent the 'people's voice' on issues that affect the public's interest, education, and safety.   The Gateway News is the most cited, referenced, and featured community news publication, by the major Denver television networks and news organizations.  Editor Katharine McIntyre has been featured on 9News, 7News, Fox31, the Denver Post, and the former, Rocky Mountain News.
  • The Gateway News is heavily involved in educational programming, including the "Adams County Community Project", the largest and only exchange network between schools, business, and government.
  • The Gateway News publishes twice-monthly in-print publications and maintains perpetual online networks including the largest and most-trafficked news web in Adams County,

Noteable Issues/features.

  • The Gateway News publishes the largest and most-notable theme and official publications; examples include those published for local cities, charities, and organizations.
  • The Gateay News publishes the largest election guide in Adams County "Adams County Election Guide"
  • New online features include "Politik", the new political/government site (07/12)


  •   Adams County Community Project -- Schools/Business/Government


  • The Gateway News works with the largest and most diverse advertising base from Chase Bank to Kaiser Permante, King Soopers, and RTD.
  • The Gateway News hosts a diverse talent base of photography, graphic design, investigative reporting, and literarary excellence.

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