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    The problem with your degrees and cer fica ons is literally the paper upon
    which they are printed.  Simply put, employers are inundated with paperwork
    that stacks up and obfuscates their decision-making.  To mediate this, CCP is
    developing industry and employer tes ng standards that will allow you to
    showcase your knowledge and proficiency when it counts -- at the point of

    your interview and hire.   In 2022, CCP will be providing you details on
    cer fica on opportuni es.  You’ll addi onally be able to reference these
    within your Careermarket directory por olio!

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       It’s a way to showcase

       yourself to employers.  You                                                                                                        A BRAND NEW CANDIDATE & EMPLOYER PORTAL FOR THE CAREER ECONOMY
       can create your own

       directory lis ng, post                                                                                                 The CCP 3.0 Desktop App gives you lightening fast and FREE access to:
       resumes, review jobs, join

       Careernet, and so much                                                                                                   Posting your Resume
       more!  What’s more, it’s a

       way to stay visible.                                                                                                     Reviewing Job postings
                                                                                                                                Applying for jobs and career positions
       Employers can use your                                                                                                   Sourcing a FREE Directory page on
       profile to text, email, and call

       you directly.                                                                                                            Getting a candidate account for FREE
                                                                                                                                Previewing Event Calendars
       To join, go to                                                                                                           Evaluating employers and
       choose and click the “Get                                                                                                Reading News, blogs, and article posts
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