Page 2 - CCP June 30 2022 - Colorado Regional Virtual Career Fair
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This is Brand New!

                                                                                                             You've always asked us:

                                                                                                               Could we introduce you to corporate HR?

                                                                                                               Can we review your resume?

                                                                                                               What do we think about a por olio?

                                                                                                               Can we recommend you?

                                                                                                               Do we have to wait un l the career event?

                                                                                                             So from now on:

                                                                                                             No Wai ng --Apply immediately to employers

                                                                                                             Standardized Applica ons

                                                                                                             Simple  5-Step Candidate Recruitment Pla orms (CRPs)

                                                                                                             FREE Help submi ng

                                                                                                             FREE por olios

                                                                                                             Guaranteed first interviews

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