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DirectHire® has experience with both higher

                                                                                     volume and mul -talented candidate markets.

                                                                                     Our CCP Director's Team track record includes

                                                                                     over 75 major career fairs, symposiums, candidate
                                                                                     workshops, and our own career consor um,


                                                                                     When we sourced nearly 100 highly-qualified
                                                                                     aerospace engineers for Ball Aerospace® in 2019,

                                                                                     we used the consor um to source candidates.

                                                                                     Through school alumni, administra on, and
                                                                                     partnerships, we recruited 85 applicants.

                                                                                     In 2022, DirectHire® will deliver a
                   It's es mated that up to 50% of higher
                   qualified candidates remain elusive to                             mul plicity of talent to your team and we’ll start
                   corporate  recruiters because of internal                         by building your Candidate Recruitment
                   rehiring, peer networks, and highly valued
                   skills.  The Careershare® Consor um of schools                    Pla orm™.
                   & training centers is used to remedy this issue.

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