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DirectHire® combines perpetual recrui ng with
                                                                                    monthly career fairs for a constant flow of

                                                                                    volume qualified candidates.

                                                                                    DirectHire® delivers a steady stream of por olios

                                                                                    including registered, interviewed, and qualified

                                                                                    Your presence at career fairs and recrui ng

                                                                                    ac vi es isn't required.  But through DirectHire®,

                                                                                    your evalua ons of candidate por olios are even
                                                                                    more valuable.

                                                                                    One membership fee ($395) provides full

                                                                                    access to services, star ng with the June 30, 2022
         's part of the new hybrid recrui ng program
                   called, DirectHire®.   While you won't                              recruitment event (all events, recruitment,
                   personally be there, your company's                              candidate qualifica on, processing, tes ng,
                   representa on will be.  All Careercorps® Live
                   Events and recrui ng are included in your $395                   evalua ons, interviews & por olios are included).
                   registra on & membership.
                                                                                    There are no placement fees unless you choose to
                                                                                    hire a candidate.

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