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            Careercorps® DirectHire® Registra on.                                  Registra on.

                                                                                   Your Careercorps® DirectHire® Membership Fee covers the
                                                                                   cost of your Candidate Recruitment Pla orm™ and your
                                                                                   company's par cipa on (not a endance) with all future
                                                                                   Careercorps® DirectHire® Events.
             $395              REGISTER                                            A 15% con ngency placement fee* is only relevant if your team

                             Click HERE TO REGISTER                                hires a candidate who was sourced through Careercorps® and is
                                                                                   provided for within the Careercorps® Client Agreement.

                                                                                   *If you decide not to hire candidates, there are no addi onal fees.

                                                                                   NEXT STEPS:

                                                                                   1.  Click the Registra on Bu on.
                                                                                   2.  Register.

                                                                                   3.  When you click "submit", you will be taken to the
                                                                                   Careercorps® Client Agreement.  Please complete and
                                                                                   return to:

                                                                                   4.  We will develop your Candidate Recruitment Pla orm®
                                                                                   and represent you at the June 30, 2022 DirectHire® Event.

                                                                                   5.  We will recruit, quality, ques on, and interview
                                                                                   candidates and provide their por olios to you.


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