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CCP Colorado Regional Virtual Career Fair:  Thursday, June 30, 2022

                         8am-5:30pm  -at- | Sponsored by:  Careercorps®

                                                                                               This is a Careercorps®

                                                                                                  DirectHire® Event.

                                                                                               This is Brand New | How it Works!

                                                                                All DirectHire®   Register just once for DirectHire® Events.
                                                                               Event Interviews   Employers do not a end these events.  Your
                                                                                are handled by   candidate interviews are handled by the
                                                                                                Careercorps® Team.
                                                                                  Your FEE                We develop your "Candidate Recruitment
                                                                               covers your CRP.   Pla orm (CRP)", a FastTrack recruitment
                                                                                                tool that standardizes  job applica ons.

                                                                               Candidates from   Candidates can either/both a end events
                                                                                BOTH Events &   or submit  applica ons directly via
                                                                                                por olios we create.

                                                                                One $395 Fee    The cost is $395.  Register once and your
                                                                                for ALL Events!   company will be represented at all future
                                                                                                Careercorps® DirectHire® Events!

                                                                                 DirectHire®    DirectHire® sources both the higher
                                                                                  helps you
                                                                                                qualified candidates and those who a end
                                                                                 capture high
                                                                                  qualified                 events.  It saves you an enormity of  me
                   Revolving Recruitment.
                                 Your Candidate Recruitment Pla orm® is
                                 built by Careercorps® when you register.  It's   applicants who   and money, as our team Sources, Registers,
                                 a 5-step FastTrack to candidate applicants.   are re-hired very   Tests, Interviews, and "Por olio-izes" all
                                                                                No Fees unless   Only if you hire a DirectHire® candidate, is
                                                                                  you Hire!
                                                                                                there a 15% placement fee.

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