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DESKTOP PANEL                           E ery in ! at your Finger ps.

       DOWNLOAD                                  Ho W k !

         CCP2.0 DESKTOP RECRUITING APP  1. Download CCP2.0 & install on your desktop.
                                        2. Register. Register for CCP Packages from 1 month to

                                           1 year. Choose as many events and only the events
                                           you want and as many months of perpetual Colorado
                                           candidate data feeds as you need!

                                        3. Review CCP Candidate Archives & Post Jobs.

                                           Review CCP candidate files and histories within 32
                                           professional categories.

                                        4. Get New Candidates Daily. CCP posts candidates

                                           daily. We post candidate files from our own sources
                                           as well as from hundreds of network partners.

                                        5. A end Events. Pick and choose as many CCP Career

                                           Events as you like. They’re FREE with your registra on
                                           package. Choose all the events or those that
                                           correspond to your recruitment strategy.

                                        6. Post your recruitment ad along with local news &
                                           events. Your recruitment ad is seen by all CCP

                                           network candidates, present, past, and future.

                                        7. Stay up to date with the CCP2.0 monthly
                                           Newsle er.
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