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The Colorado Career Project.

                                                                                    About CCP.

                                                                       • As a former U.S. Army Promo onal Contractor, Gateway MulƟmedia, a Colorado Media Group, was
                                                                            offered an opportunity to promote military and veteran recruitment events through the underwri ng
                                                                            of the U.S. Army. In the past four years, the then-formed Colorado Career Project (CCP) Career
                                                                            Network has grown to represent Colorado’s largest career events for both military and civilian
                                                                            recrui ng. CCP Career Events typically host between 70 and 100 companies, government agencies,
                                                                            and nonprofits and provides career recrui ng support for nearly as many companies between events.

                                                                      Who a ends CCP Career Fairs?

                                                                      • At le is just a par al list of the over 150 companies who
                                                                        a ended CCP Career Fairs held in May-June, 2016. CCP is
                                                                        proud to work with America’s greatest commercial &
                                                                        government organiza ons.

                                                                      Colorado Career Book.                May 2016 Issue

                                                                      • The Official Event
                                                                         Publica on of CCP is the
                                                                         Colorado Career Book®,
                                                                         featuring employer ads & event
                                                                         features. The CCB is published
                                                                         online and dynamically linked to

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Colorado’s Largest Career Fair Events & Service Provider
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