P. 7

Fair Chance event agenda.

  8-9am • Setup & Breakfast.

9:00a • VIP Keynote Speaker / TBA

9:15a  • State & Federal Agency
9:50a    Presentations: Tax Benefits

           • Work Opportunity Tax Credits
           • Federal Bonding Program
           • On –the-Job Training Program

       • Fair Chance Business Pledge
         Signing Ceremony

10:00a • Career Fair Starts: lst Floor

1:00p • Career Fair Ends

10-1p  • Resume Workshops for
         Candidates –2nd Floor

1:15p  • Pledge Awards Presentation

®          • All par cipa ng companies and Pledge Par cipants
               are requested to stay for the Pledge Awards
               Presenta on as your company will be formally
               recognized for your par cipa on and commitment in
               making a difference in Colorado hiring prac ces and
               Fair Chance opportuni es within our state.

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