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                                                          Since 2013, the Colorado Career Book® has been the official publica on for
                                                          Colorado Career Project Career Events, featuring employer ads, career fea-
                                                          tures, and a way for all candidates to make contact with Colorado’s employ-

                                                          In August 2016, the Colorado Career Book will become dynamically linked to
                                                          CareerShare, Colorado’s new mega Career Market pla orm that will link
                                                          Employers directly to Candidates, Colorado Government, Workforce, College,
                                                          and Military. Employer ads will be dynamically linked to CareerShare contact
                                                          informa on as well as Employer News, Features, and Events.

                                                          The Colorado Career Book will con nue to be electronically provided to 100%
                                                          of all candidates as well as hundreds of thousands of web subscribers through
                                                          web and social media.

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® Ques ons? Please call CCP at: (303) 287-6064.           Featuring:  •WACaLeUWm•lpcApoFCYtumTaoeSsilrhee1OinCb0ebphr0taaeahCcnneoknc-ofCgeHtCoalCHeoomoaCirlrlroioopnatrlrugoaoadsdrIdfnaoo&oDid’s’osOoaRwF’BpsoAvnuelLeeItnsaR,oif-rnRowCCgeeroHenssAmpsAstDto,-NmRenCGCinsousoEikvblnvleieIielnCtrigtry.dynea.iCvmtr&ioCdeePutChneaEaetlrvsr&P.eeFreneMratssiiidlraietrnaetr’ys!

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