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                                                          About Careershare

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                                                          Colorado employers spend millions per year on disparate adver sing, events,
                                                          and non-targeted job lis ngs. CareerShare® is a single pla orm solu on for
                                                          News, Jobs, Features, Events, and Social Networks for the en re Colorado Ca-
                                                          reer Market including: Candidate, Government, Employers, Workforce, and
                                                          College. Maximize and target your promo onal HR budget and get connect-
                                                          ed on Colorado’s only single pla orm Career Market solu on!
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® Ques ons? Please call CCP at: (303) 287-6064.           Featuring:  •WACaLeUWm•lpcApoFCYtumTaoeSsilrhee1OinCb0ebphr0taaeahCcnneoknc-ofCgeHtCoalCHeoomoaCirlrlroioopnatrlrugoaoadsdrIdfnaoo&oDid’s’osOoaRwF’BpsoAvnuelLeeItnsaR,oif-rnRowCCgeeroHenssAmpsAstDto,-NmRenCGCinsousoEikvblnvleieIielnCtrigtry.dynea.iCvmtr&ioCdeePutChneaEaetlrvsr&P.eeFreneMratssiiidlraietrnaetr’ys!

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